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Exclusive Services

Local Hospitality provides in-depth advisory services to the hospitality industry. The principals at Local Hospitality  consulting practice have over 50 combined years of experience in the development, consulting, operations, and management of hotels and resorts.

We provide our clients the expertise and practical knowledge gained from years of actual operation and management, as well as experience gained through our involvement in various of consulting assignments for the hospitality industry Including hotel development, food and beverage, spa, marketing and revenue management.

We recognize that each assignment is unique in its scope and budget, and We have the ability to tailor its services to meet the needs of the client.


We offer reliable hotel owner representation services for any hotel and resort. Services may include taking regular site visits, spot checks, system audits capital, review of budget analysis, and others. 

For new Development projects, our services fulfill all needs and requests of hotel owners and developers, from a hotel development concept to hotel operator selection services. We offer our involvement from the hotel construction phase to the designer selection, brand standard requirements, hotel pre-and-post-opening planning, and execution.


We always act in the best interest of the owner during all planning and execution stages.


Hotels and resort development can be challenging so we help you analyze your strategy, appraise your options, and develop a plan that aims to deliver a smooth development process and successful market launch.

We establish exactly what is most likely to be successful, and we then work with design professionals to develop a hotel or resort concept that responds to market demand. We offer support from conception to implementation of the project, including help with selecting an operator or brand and negotiating contract terms.



We have extensive experience in all areas related to Effectively managing the pre-opening phase. We provide unique services for each project we undertake and are designed to meet our client’s specific needs.

Our Team will ensure that your Hotel is opened on time and is fully ready for the first guests to check in. These requirements must also be balanced by a focus on cost control and completion within the defined pre-opening budget:

  • Prepare Manning Budget for all Departments and Org Chart

  • Prepare pre-opening budgets.

  • Establish detailed action plans for all departments, and develop effective pricing strategies.

  • Advise, Assist, or Perform with all necessary IT systems installations or set up

  • Complete HR support, Hiring the Right Team – Great people running your hot

  • Prepare and implement critical path action plan, implement standards and procedures.

  • OTAs Set up, Revenue management, and Budgeting 

  • Training to Bring Out the Best in Your Team

  • Driving Performance on Opening


We manage independent hotels and resorts on behalf of investors and owners. Using our core values of respect, honesty, commitment to quality, creativity, investment in our staff, and teamwork, we deliver uncompromising quality and service to our guests and support each brand with distinction.

Our management terms are negotiable based on duration and fees.


At Local Hospitality, we believe in an innovative approach when it comes to hotel turnaround management. After understanding your current strategy, we then perform an in-depth swot analysis for your property and identify your core strengths that can be built upon further as well as the areas needing improvement or your weaknesses that need to be improved.


We then develop a customized strategic plan for your hotel to improve your operations, sales, and brand awareness and help in effectively repositioning your property in the competitive market.

We will help to create a foundation from which the hotel can efficiently operate. We assist in the review of existing plans, SOPs, and operational procedures to improve your operational productivity and offer insights and ideas to sustain your competitive advantage. 


Local Hospitality provides executive headhunting services for the hotel and hospitality industry that will help you to create a superior management team.

We can search and recruit for the following executive and operations positions: C-Level executives, General Managers, Operations Managers, Sales and Marketing experts, Executive Chefs, middle and top-level management employees


We can provide you with expert hotel revenue management advice, consulting and training in all areas of hotel revenue management.  Our approach is, making our hotel revenue management strategy services a cost effective and individually tailored to meet your needs and your budget.

Our Core Revenue Management Services are

  • Revenue Management Optimization

  • Revenue Management Mentoring

  • Revenue Management Consulting

  • Setting up your Property on Different OTA channels 

  • Full outsource of your Hotel Sales Processes

Let's Work Together

​We are able to add value at every phase of the development cycle.

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